Zoom User Guide

Zoom is a widely used and very user-friendly video conferencing tool. It is easiest to use from a computer, but you can also use it from a smart phone. A Zoom account is free and lasts forever, so you might discover other uses for it.

Zoom enables you to see, hear, and talk to other people using your computer's speakers, microphone, and camera. Those three things are required for optimal usage, but if your computer does not have a camera, you will still be able to join Zoom meetings on your computer and just listen to the audio.


Joining a Zoom meeting is easy--you'll just click on a link. Here is the Zoom link for our Sunday worship services. This link is also on our home page. We'll use the same link every Sunday, so you'll always be able to join the worship service by going to our home page. We'll also send out the link in the weekly emails.

If you are dialing into a Zoom meeting by phone, you'll be prompted to enter the meeting ID, which consists of the numbers at the end of the meeting link. For example, the Zoom link for our Sunday worship services is https://zoom.us/j/196899450, so the meeting ID is 196-899-450.

If you don't have Zoom on your computer or phone, the first time you click on a Zoom link, you will be prompted to download it. If you download Zoom by visiting the Zoom website directly, make sure to use the correct address, which is zoom.us.

This is a tutorial from another UU church on downloading and setting up Zoom.

Some of the specifics do not apply to BUC:


We have taken the following steps to ensure a smooth worship experience and reduce the number of distractions in the Zoom component of our services:


1) When you first click the Zoom link for our worship service, you will be in a waiting room until approximately 10:20, after which the Zoom host will admit you into the service.

2) Participants are muted automatically and may not unmute themselves.

3) The chat function is completely disabled, meaning that participants cannot send chat messages to each other or to the Zoom host.

4) After the service, virtual participants are randomly sorted into breakout groups for a virtual coffee hour; during these breakout groups, please keep our covenant in mind and work together to make sure that no one dominates the conversation.

Click here for instructions on how to schedule BUC's Zoom account for your committee meeting or gathering