Worship & Music

Worship means many things to many people. It refers to acts and attitudes, celebrations and rituals, events shared by groups and individual experiences. It refers to ascribing value or worth to ideals, ideas, beliefs; to giving homage and praise to a god or gods; to taking time and intention to centering oneself and focusing on values and ideals. When we refer to the Sunday Service, we are referring not to a specific liturgy, but to a program of readings, music, meditations, essays, silence, sharing and more, the goal of which is to remind us of our highest ideals while acknowledging the realities of human life.

Bless the Broken Road

BUC House Band: Sound Messengers


BUC Chalice Choir on Choir Sunday 2019

Music is an integral part to the spiritual life at BUC.  It enhances our worship, providing opportunities to share and receive the talents of many. Music is as present as the spoken word during a typical service, and aims to interweave with the themes of the day’s worship, tying everything together.


Choir welcomes singers from all experience levels. This choir sings music from many cultures and eras in four part harmony. There is no audition to sing with the Chalice Choir, just a willingness to commit to regular attendance of weekly rehearsals. The choirs tackle a variety of styles and genres, and really add to the message of the sermon. The Adult Choir rehearses regularly on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00pm and generally sings at two services a month. Complete beginners and accomplished soloists are encouraged and invited to sing together to form this robust chorus. Periodically, we also have a Chamber Choir

Our sanctuary houses a widely-respected Steinway piano. Each week, our pianist performs music which fits to our message, whether it is a dense, contrapuntal work by Bach, an upbeat jazz standard or anything in between. Monthly, we host local musicians who bring in a variety of styles and personalities to our worship service. Don’t be surprised if you see local music celebrities playing on Sunday mornings at BUC.  We also highly encourage our talented congregants to be involved, both instrumentally and vocally with Sunday’s music. Anyone wishing to participate is encouraged to contact Co-Director of Music Ministry, Steven Dearing, at steven.dearing@bucmi.org