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Talent & Services Zoom Auction


When:    Saturday, February 12

              7:00 – 8:30 pm


Where:   Your cozy home, through the magic of Zoom


What: 15 nifty events, delicious desserts (a preview of the RE Bake-Off!), and exciting trips being auctioned "live." We're lucky to have BUC's auctioneer Andrew Schreck returning as host, plus music by Max Kort and Eric Sargent. It's fun on the 12th and spring and summer fun to anticipate if you win one or more of the great items for all ages. Auction items are all described here


Why: Our Auction is a popular biennial event that gives members fun ways to keep nurturing our beloved community while we support BUC's operating budget. Covid restrictions have diminished the church's rental income and eliminated Rummage sales, making this Auction even more essential. Your contribution, whether you're a winning bidder or a generous supporter, will be much appreciated!


How: Register to attend or donate here by February 9. You will see we are asking for a minimum $10 donation, with options for more support. If you're not able to attend or if you don't see an auction item that works for you, here is your chance to still participate in this fundraiser—thank you!


  • Those who choose $25 and up can pick up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at BUC between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm on February 12.

  • After registration, attendees will be emailed a bidder number—this is for you to print (or write LARGE on an 8-1/2"x11" sheet) and display while bidding during the Zoom event.

  • If needed, you can ask a friend to act as your "Bidding Buddy." Send them your bidding number, your desired item, and the highest price you are willing to pay for it. Then trust them to bid as strategically as you would!

  • Winning bidders will be announced during the event and by email later. All winners will be sent an invoice; payment can be made by Venmo (username @BUCMI), check, or in our online giving platform (choose "Auction" from fund drop-down). 


Thank you all for supporting this important fundraiser for the 2021-22 budget!


Note: We're reserving our wildly popular gourmet dinners for a future silent auction, at a time when small group gatherings can be held worry-free. All of the venues in the February 12 auction take many Covid precautions.





Q: How much does it cost to register?


A: We're asking for a $10 donation to register. A $25 donation earns you a bottle of wine (to be picked up at BUC between 12:00 and 2:00 on February 12, if you want it).



Q: I wanted to donate something, but I wasn't contacted. How and when can I share my talents?


A: Stay tuned for Auction, Part 2 in the spring. This will be a silent auction for dinners, services, and additional events. Stay tuned for details!



Q: I want to bid, but I can't attend that night--what do I do?


A: Register for a bidder number and find a friend who will bid on your behalf. Send your "bidding buddy" your bidder number.



Q: I really want to win one of the baked goods; how will I receive it?


A: Winners' baked goods will be delivered on Sunday, February 13.



Q: Can I buy raffle tickets if I can't attend the auction?


A: Yes! You need not be present to win. Buy lots of tickets!