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Social and Environmental Justice

The Unitarian Universalist Association

has awarded BUC the designations of

Green Sanctuary and LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation

We periodically send out information on ways to engage in social and environmental justice activities. To receive our emails, please send an email to asking to be added to our list. You are also welcome to use this email address to reach us for other reasons.

Through our Social and Environmental Justice program, BUC ministers to the needs of our communities; promotes social, economic, racial, and environmental justice; addresses the climate crisis; offers opportunities for civic engagement; and serves as an agent of social systemic change. Our Plate Collection supports a different charitable organization each month, supporting one of these goals.

Social Justice is a core component of Unitarian Universalism and BUC’s identity. We are called to put our UU principles into action to build a world that embodies justice and compassion for all people. This includes serving communities in need, advocating for reforms, and bearing public witness. We are lifelong learners, striving for greater understanding and adapting our actions as we gain new perspectives and experiences.

Our priority issues at present are Racial Justice, Environmental Action, Civic Engagement, and Economic Justice. The links below lead to more information on each program and people to contact. There are hands-on things to do, and you are invited to join any group.

Racial Justice

Confronting and dismantling racism in ourselves and our institutions.  Project Lead: Mary Jo Ebert

Environmental Action

Encompassing our Green Sanctuary, EA focuses on how BUC and the community at large can address the climate crisis and deepen our connection to the earth.  Project Lead: Jane O'Neil

Action item 8/3/22: Call your representatives in support of the Inflation Reduction Act

Civic Engagement

Promoting and supporting individual and congregational involvement in civic action to create a more just society for all people. Project Lead: Harper West

Economic Justice

These long-standing service projects address economic inequities in our communities. Click each title for details.

South Oakland Shelter

We host guests of SOS (part of Lighthouse) at BUC during one week in November.  Project Lead: Paul Plante

Walt Whitman School

Numerous opportunities to volunteer at this elementary school in Pontiac.  Project Lead: Mary Jo Ebert

Welcome Inn

Help support this daytime warming center; open December through March.  Project Lead: Annis Pratt

Open Hands Food Pantry

Donate food and cash to this Royal Oak food pantry.

Goldsmith Scholarship 

Granting funds to Pontiac students for college education.  Project Lead: Mary Jo Ebert


LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation

The UUA awarded BUC the designation of Welcoming Congregation, which means we have worked to be welcoming to LGBTQ+ individuals and families and knowledgeable about the issues impacting their lives.

Resolution on Ending Gun Violence

In May of 2018, the congregation voted 96% to approve a Congregational Resolution on Ending Gun Violence.

Sharing the Plate Collection

We donate a portion of our Sunday plate collections to local community service and social justice advocacy organizations.  Project Administrator: Janet Brown

State and International UU Social Justice Organizations


We are active in our state organization for social justice, the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network


The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization advancing human rights together with an international community of grassroots partners and advocates.