Meet Our Minister: The Rev. Mandy Beal

Rev. Mandy Beal.jpg

Rev. Mandy Beal (she/her) was called as BUC's Senior Minister/Executive in June 2018. She is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and trained for the ministry at First Parish in Lincoln, both in Massachusetts. Prior to that, she was a social worker specializing in the administration of workforce development programs. She has also held several Religious Education positions in UU congregations in Texas and Massachusetts.


Rev. Mandy has a deep love of high church and traditional liturgy, but is also committed to worship as a transformational experience. She's really into the idea of worship that reaches the head, heart, and soul. She also believes in social justice as an essential component of Unitarian Universalism. 

Rev. Mandy lives in Brighton, MI with her spouse, Mx. Jesse Beal (they/them). Jesse is Associate Director of the Spectrum Center at the University of Michigan. They have a cat and two dogs who mostly like each other. Rev. Mandy and Jesse have just welcomed a new member to their family.