BUC Member and Friend Directory

The information contained in our directory is not to be shared or used for any commercial or political purposes. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are solely for the use of staying connected to your BUC family and friends. Please be respectful of this shared information.



You can get the church directory as an app on your mobile phone!

Take the directory with you wherever you go, on your phone! No need to visit this website!


The Instant Church Directory app is always up-to-date and is even more accurate than the directory on this website, which has to be updated manually.


If you have a smart phone, accessing the directory app is quick and easy! To get the directory app on your phone, follow these steps:



If you have an iPhone:


Find the Apple App Store on your phone. It looks like this:               


Do a search for “Instant Church Directory”.


If you don’t have an iPhone:


Find the Google Play Store on your phone. It looks like this:               


Do a search for “Instant Church Directory”.




Follow the instructions your phone gives you to download the Instant Church Directory app. It looks like this: 


Then follow the app’s instructions to register for an account.



When you register for an account, use the email address that appears in the BUC directory. That’s how the app will know to connect to the BUC directory and recognize you as a member.


CHOOSE YOUR OWN PASSWORD! The directory app does not have a single universal password, unlike the directory on this website. Each person uses an individual password that you choose.